About my dropcloth paintings...

As part of my painting process, I splatter paint, leaving accidental color and marks on my dropcloths. The dropcloths become so intriguing that I've made them into finished paintings by adding intentional areas of paint, ink, and powdered pigment.

Secrets Held Within
Ink, Powdered Pigment and Pushpins on Dropcloth
48" x 54" x 2"
Stalked By Probabilities
Oil, Ink and Powdered Pigment on Dropcloth
54" x 48" x 2"
Making Marks Matter
Oil and Ink on Dropcloth and Sawhorse
32" x 28" x 20"
Unfurling an Alchemy of Truths
Oil and Ink on Dropcloth
48" x 96" x 6"